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   Crepe Town's origin dates back to June of 2016,  when we set up a booth at  Brownsville's  own Farmers' Market.

   Our concept at the time was clear: offer customers healthy and high-quality crepes made with the freshest ingredients.  Eventually , our menu continued to evolve with unique recipes based on seasonal harvests, quality ingredients, and the culinary interests of our devoted customers!

   Due to growing interest and great feedback, we opened up our new restaurant inside the Museum of Fine Arts in the Mitte  Cultural District, where we are still located today.

Our Mission

  • Offer deliciously healthy meals made with seasonal and locally harvested ingredients whenever possible to help support our local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Menu items that change on a monthly basis based on seasonal harvests and customers' interests.

  • Use a variety of natural ingredients free from preservatives or artificial colors.

  • Reduce the consumption of animal products;  we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu items.

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